Wednesday, August 28, 2013


                                                      I seem to like what others don’t;
                                                      They don’t want what I do.
                                                      It seems that what they like I don’t;
                                                      I don’t want what they do.

                                                      I think myself a curious being,
                                                      An odd one, to be sure
                                                      And others think me very weird
                                                      To shun their interests' lure

                                                      See, I don’t like what others do,
                                                      And what they love, I don’t.
                                                      They don’t like the things I do,
                                                      And what I love they don’t.

                                                      An old eccentric is this man,
                                                      A strange, odd man is he
                                                      Or perhaps it's they who are,
                                                      They're eccentric to me!

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